Annual Wine and Beer Basket Raffle!

WineBasketRaffle-SMALLThe festive season is almost upon us and it’s time for our annual Wine and Beer Basket raffle!! This is a great fundraiser to participate in as 100% of all ticket sales will be attributed to your fundraising commitment . All you need to do is donate the beer or wine for the basket. 

We are asking each family to contribute 1 bottle of wine or 6 bottles/cans of beer (between $10-$15) which will make up the contents of our gift baskets. The aim is to create a minimum of 2 baskets. Last year we were fortunate and were able to put together 2 generous baskets and one smaller one from all the donations.
Here are some of the specifics:
  • The draw date will be Saturday December 20th, the day of the parents’ participation and potluck. 
  • The due date for your donation of wine or beer is Saturday November 29th. Please leave it at the office with the athlete’s name clearly marked. 
  • Ticket prices are as follows:
              $1.00 for one ticket
              $5.00 for six tickets
              $10.00 for thirteen tickets
  • Tickets for selling will be available in the competitive athletes’ mailboxes, plus the template is attached to this email so you can print more if needed.
  • Tickets and money should be returned to the office by Friday December 19th at the latest. Money should be sealed in an envelope and the athlete should be clearly identified.

Post the selling of tickets on Facebook, send an email to friends and family or even just mention the basket to friends – you’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to sell tickets for a giant wine and beer basket that can be delivered before the holidays!!

Thanks for your support,
Your fundraising sub-committee
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